There is a Facebook page for my old school Latton Bush Comprehensive and through this page I have come across many people who were in the same class as I was. It’s been interesting finding out how people spent their life after their school years and their thoughts on their school days, Today I was reading a thread regarding the headmaster who had passed away and my heart skipped a beat when I saw who had added to the thread, Jeanne Txxxx. Could this be the girl who I had a crush on all those years ago, a crush that stayed with me for many years. My sleepy Jeanne was in my mind called Jeanne Txxxxxxd and this was a Jeanne Txxxx! Replying to Jeanne’s post in the thread I said I thought I knew her and that we had been in the same class all the way through our school years starting with Purford Green Infant’s School. After a few exchanged messages it turns out she is my sleepy Jeanne. How did I feel? Nervous, as this woman has no idea of my youthful feelings. So after so many years sleepy Jeanne has finally arrived as the home coming queen though I’m sure she will never know the way I felt about her though I did message her and say that she was always the prettiest girl in my class. I wonder how she’ll feel when she reads it.

19th September 2018

Tonight is a happy night as Sleepy Jeanne and I exchanged many messages on Facebook and it seems we had a lot in common in our school days. Not only that, Jeanne has done some professional modeling and has appeared in Mayfair many moons ago. If only I’d been around in her modelling days as I would have loved the opportunity to photograph her. I have asked if she would like to meet up for lunch and drinks next time I go to our home town. I shall let you know if it happens and how things went. I’m not seeking a belated romance with a long lost friend as I am happily married to a beautiful woman though it would be more than nice to catch up with the person who was the object of my first crush. Sweet dreams Sleepy Jeanne.

Well that didn’t take long, Sleepy Jeanne said yes to lunch. I am feeling over the moon…