For my sins I sell on Amazon and often frequent the seller forums both seeking assistance and offering the same to other sellers who need it. Recently a thread was created by a seller who was complaining about negative feedback from a buyer who thought they had ordered adult size slippers when what was for sale were children’s. Girls to be precise. The problem stemmed from the description of the slippers “cute girls” and the way the sizes were shown.

The seller who created the post didn’t state the gender of the purchaser and my thoughts were that they could have been purchased by a man for an adult female, his wife, daughter or girlfriend. What was the reply from him and others… Pure mockery.

Reading some of the moronic replies and comments on this and other threads makes me despair. Sellers create threads, whine, winge and gripe about negative feedback and A-Z they have received yet when advice is offered it is not only ignored but laughed at and mocked. I often wonder how these sellers have a retail business if their attitude towards their customers is the same as towards those who offer advice.

Like others I spent my time to try and assist the OP but what do you get for your troubles. A thank you? No. What you do receive is nonsensical comments insinuating that I don’t understand that having “girls” in the title of a listing means the item is for children.

I’m not a thin skinned person who will sit and fret over these remarks, all they do is make me wonder at the intelligence of those who make them. Tbh I don’t care if others think my advice on this thread or any other thread is useful or not though if it does assist a fellow seller it makes me feel good.

Nothing in this world is forever: your life, your business absolutely nothing. You can’t prevent your life ending as this is a certainty. No one is immortal even though many believe they are. You can do your best to prevent your business failing by offering a better than average service to your customers rather than treating them like an inconvenience and slating them. I agree, there are customers who are nasty and will do anything to get a 1p freebie. Why lower yourself to their level. Don’t take things personal, you’re running a business. We all get losers as customers at one point or another. The majority of buyers are decent. They may make mistakes when ordering but we all make mistakes sometimes. Solve a buyer’s problem, help them out. Accept a return when they make a mistake with an order and they will probably buy from you again.

No doubt this post will attract idiotic comments, but hey, who cares. I’ve done my bit. Carry on as normal, get negative feedback, returns and A-Zs because your descriptions and sizes are ambiguous. I offered friendly advice… It’s not my problem.