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Man Needs a Maid

Originally Posted 16th January 2012

Man Needs a Maid

Perhaps it was tempting providence to mention the Novo virus as the next day I came down with the flu, thankfully not that particular bug but one that left me aching and coughing for a couple of weeks and I still haven’t shaken the cough off. It’s times like this that I could do with a maid to fetch and carry and a nurse to take care or me. Well I am a man and I don’t suffer things like man flu lightly quite the opposite and as such I need pampering.

Lazy maid Brigella gets caned and thrashed with a carpet beater

A female friend of mine told me that all I needed to make me feel better was a nurse with a cute bottom and a bare one at that. Obviously I couldn’t agree more but for the time being I shall be content with a maid and one with a sore red bottom just like Janie’s


Laced Coffee

Originally Posted: 21st November 2012

Today I decided to take a break from real web-work and spend sometime adding a spanking picture gallery to my site of assorted spanking pictures just for the hell of it. While working my way through my archives I came upon a photo set that I did with girl called Jane who I used to do the website with. This particular set brought back memories of the fun and games we used to have while shooting.

We had decided to take a short break. Jane and I were in the kitchen. While making coffee Jane thought it would be funny to lace Marc’s with cigarette ash and not tell him until after he had drank it. Wickedly she did and the poor sod did drink it. Jane soon broke into fits of laughter and confessed to what she had done. Marc, although seeing the funny side immediately picked up a well used tawse and began whacking Jane’s bum vigorously. Coffee break over and back to work.. It’s a hard life at times.

Janie in the Top Marks Video – Maid Full of Tears

Click here for a FREE video of Brigella being caned

The Witching Hour

Originally Posted: 27th October 2012

As it’s Halloween weekend I thought I’d post a picture to enter into the spirit of things. This is taken from a Vampire shoot I did with Jane Watts AKA Brigella for one of our websites.

The shoot turned out to be much darker than we expected in more ways than one. Enjoy the witching hour.