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Girls I have Known and Spanked

Angie canes a male bare bottom at a London spanking PartyOver the years I have spanked and caned the bare bottom of many girls though sadly not all is documented with photos. One lady I really did enjoy having over my knees with her bottom bared was Angie. Angie had a really cute bum and was quite gorgeous. I could have spanked her till the cows come home much to the annoyance of David S.

Not only does Angie enjoy a good spanking she is quite dominant and enjoys caning men. I know for a fact that she is able to cane severely. Those who have had the pleasure of having their bare arse caned by her will no doubt confirm.

For the record the man in the picture being caned by Angie isn’t me!

One of the girls that I do have pictures of me spanking is a young lady is Debbie. One of the shoots she did for Kane was playing the part of an errant daughter who had received a bad school report.  For this was soundly spanked and caned by Ms Harrison-Marks who played the part of her mum.

Part two of the shoot was when her father came home and was told all about Debbie’s bad school report. Now it was daddy’s (my) turn to give daughter Debbie a bare bottom spanking and hard caning.

Debbie gets an OTK spanking

I also spanked and caned Lucy Bailey who is in the featured top image and in spanking action as the spanker. Lucy is one of the nicest people I know and I feel blessed that I had the chance to spank her before she became dominant. Lucy is now known as Mistress Sidonia and if you didn’t know already is owner of the Fem Dom website The English Mansion.

I have spanked many others, one in particular very much though she shall remain nameless. I’ll give you a clue, ”It all seems a bit fishy to me”, if you know what I mean. Do you know who she is now?

There are of course other girls I think would benefit from having their bottoms dealt with by me… If you think you know who they are please send me a postcard with their name on it though there is of course no prize for guessing correctly.

Originally posted 20th November 2012

The Art of Caning

The Art of Caning



The cane is the archetypal implement of English school disci­pline. Stroke for stroke, a rattan cane of good quality probably administers the most intense sting of any instrument of correc­tion.

With the cane, every stroke must be clean, very hard and painfully effective. it is one of the most serious forms of discipline and should be treated as such. A caning is a serious punishment and must be administered effectively or not at all.


The miscreant is usually requested to bend over a desk or chair to receive the caning. Touching the toes or gripping the ankles i said to result in a somewhat more painful punishment; how­ever, it is not recommended for a formal caning.


Preliminaries may include a few practice cuts in the air with the cane, emitting a frightening swish, and perhaps some prelimi­nary aim taking taps on the buttock. These are both designed to heighten the sense of dread, anticipation and are valuable in getting hand and eye for the administration of the most effective caning.


The technique of flexing the cane may sound rather hackneyed but it is highly recommended for it is sensible to get the feel of the implement with which the punishment is to be adminis­tered.

Having completed all preliminaries, one must proceed to the caning itself. Ensure that each stroke is a good one. There must be no half-hearted strokes in a caning. Think of each stroke as if it were the only one you were giving. Put your all into it. in particular, having made sure that the first strokes are hard, make sure that the last strokes do not tail off in severity. if anything, the last one or two should be administered with an extra reserve of force.

Ensure the cane falls parallel to the buttocks. it is very easy to strike at an angle, so that the last few inches of the cane are all that strike the buttocks. The ideal stoke should leave a perfectly horizontal weal right across the buttocks. Do not be disturbed by these weals. They will fade in four or five days and are the normal result of a good caning. if they vanish sooner, then you are not caning effectively.

Do not hold back in caning. it is important to give each stoke its full eight and impact. Use the whole of the arm, shoul­der, forearm and wrist in your stroke.

Control of the cane means control of the tip. Before each stroke ensure the tip falls well within the furthest cheek.

There must be a goodwill toward the punishment with a resolution to carry it out effectively, thus making the punish­ment an intensely painful event.


The decision as to the number of strokes is all-important in the case of a caning. Since there is no variety in the force of the stroke, it is the number alone that determines the severity. Having ordained the number; each stroke must be, as far as possi­ble, of unvarying force and severity.

The most standard caning is of course six strokes. It is against this that other canings are measured. Of numbers over six, eight, nine and ten strokes would be considered relatively severe. Twelve is double the classic number and is a very severe punishment indeed.

A final point to be considered is the interval between strokes. A caning, being a set number of strokes of uniform severity, is less variable in tone than most punishments, but onE aspect which may give it a particular characteristic is the period of interval. Generally, with more severe canings longer intervals are allowed between strokes. This lengthens the punishment, allows each stroke to be fully savoured, impresses on the mind and heart of the miscreant the seriousness of the misdeed and underlines the solemnity of the occasion.


It is evident no physical punishment can be a wholly dignified proceeding for the recipient, and there are times when it is en­tirely desirable to make the miscreant feel the humiliation of their position. However, the punishment as a whole: the occa­sion and the ritual must have dignity. The miscreant may be shamed and subjugated; all these things are acceptable and after salutary.


The cane is a very durable implement and a good cane may last for many years of regular use. However, it must receive a mini­mum of care and attention. Canes tend, especially in warm weather and in heated builds, to dry out. When this happens they become lighter, lose their flexibility and have a tendency to break in use. This is obviously severely prejudicial to the dignity of so solemn an occasion as a formal caning.

Rattan grows in damp tropical conditions. If you exam­ine the end of a cane, you will see it is full of round holes. Each of these runs the entire length of the cane, and in its natural state is charged with water. The simplest method of maintaining the cane in a healthy, supple condition is to stand it in a few inches of water overnight each week. There is no need to soak the whole cane, just stand the tip of the cane in water and it will drink it into the long arteries. It should be added that a cane may be wax-polished externally for extra suppleness. A well maintained cane will deliver the ferocious sting that is required, thus making the caning an intensively painful and memorable event.


Bankers Away

Originally Posted 24th January 2013
Bankers Away


Kane Magazine 84

Today I looked into opening a business account for my spanking magazine sales website vintage spanking magazines and was politely declined because of the subject of the magazines I am selling. I was pretty peeved about this as you can purchase this type of material in corner shops and independent newsagents. Top shelf spanking magazines are not illegal. I’m not going to name the bank that refused my business.  Though I’d like to know what right a bank has to decide what type of legal business you can run. I like to think that I’m a reasonable person. I wouldn’t expect to open an account for the proceeds of drugs prostitution gun running or supplying arms to Iran. Which incidentallyI don’t do. I want an account where I can deposit the meagre earnings from a few old editions of Janus and Kane.

If my current application fails I shall approach a well known high street supermarket chain who also offer banking facilities. If I’m declined an account I shall politely inform them that they sell Fifty Shades of Grey.   A book that contains spanking bondage and riding crops. Along with much more perverse books including The Secret Life of A Submissive by Sarah K and  Pauline Reage’s classic The Story of O’. I will point out to these institutions that consider themselves to be whiter than white of what is contained within the covers of The Bible, rape and incest. Would they dare close a book shop’s account for daring to sell the Bible? The answer of course is no.

Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders sang ”Bad Boys Get Spanked” and it would be quite befitting to amend the lyrics for certain members of the establishment though I don’t think that would go down too well. Though I could always enlist the help of some rather persuasive female friends of mine who would surely make them realise the error of their ways.



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