Originally Posted: 22nd October 2012

Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my BFF who looked as gorgeous as ever and I’m sure she is getting prettier with every day that passes. Today however is going to be a sad one for sure. There are times during our life when events bring home that fact that we are all mortal and are here for a short period of time that is deemed to be a lifetime. The life span of a human isn’t terribly long as the older we get the quicker life passes us by.

Today is the funeral of my next door neighbour. He wasn’t a young man by any means and he had just retired from many years of hard graft. A few days later he was found on the kitchen floor. He was gone. A couple of days before his death we had been talking and venting our views on the government’s proposed changes in pensions and retirement ages. Younger readers of this may think we are a couple of whinging old farts but I’m sure you will be exactly the same as us when you reach our age that’s of course if you do. R.I.P Ian my friend.

Although I wanted to mention my deceased neighbour in my blog I don’t want it to be all doom and gloom. Looking through my archive of pictures I decided to post a picture from a shoot that was done for a photo-story called ”Lady Of The Manor” that featured a girl called Kelly Hearn who played the part of the maid and Ms Harrison Marks the Lady.

Kelly Hearn and Ms Harrison Marks in The Lady of The Manor where the maid gets a spanking

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Harrison Marks Kane International and Top Marks Classic Spanking Videos