Originally Posted 16th January 2012

Man Needs a Maid

Perhaps it was tempting providence to mention the Novo virus as the next day I came down with the flu, thankfully not that particular bug but one that left me aching and coughing for a couple of weeks and I still haven’t shaken the cough off. It’s times like this that I could do with a maid to fetch and carry and a nurse to take care or me. Well I am a man and I don’t suffer things like man flu lightly quite the opposite and as such I need pampering.

Lazy maid Brigella gets caned and thrashed with a carpet beater

A female friend of mine told me that all I needed to make me feel better was a nurse with a cute bottom and a bare one at that. Obviously I couldn’t agree more but for the time being I shall be content with a maid and one with a sore red bottom just like Janie’s