Originally Posted: 1st October 2012

Things have been quite busy recently work wise as I have just finished adding a shop to my online magazine sales website www.vintagespankingmagazines.com so now people can just click on a magazine and make a purchase immediately. I also have a new project coming up with my friends at Janus.

Each time I update my blog I intend to post a picture and tell you a little of what it’s about and today I have chosen a picture from a Kane video shoot called ‘Red Hot Punishment On A Red Hot Afternoon’ The day of the shoot was a real scorcher and we all sweltered in the heat which is why many of the scenes were shot alfresco.
This picture features Steve Bickers who did many shoots for Kane and Top Marks Videos and Sally Cavendar. Sally played Steve’s wife in this DVD and although the plot is rather predictable Sally forgets to cook Steve’s breakfast and ends up getting a severe punishment, one that included having her pussy spanked hard which like all red-blooded males Steve thoroughly enjoyed.