The Business of Humiliation – Super HD Video Featuring Mistress Eleise De Lacy

Coming home to find a business associate rooting through her personal belongings is not something Mistress Eleise de Lacy expected – but after some careful consideration, she takes the opportunity to correct his behavior in the most humiliating of ways. First she makes herself comfortable and then she makes herself clear – he will be used as her human ashtray and spittoon and she promises to degrade him like he’s never been degraded before, which includes the most humiliating of uses for his own spunk…

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This website is an expression of true female dominance, through the many Mistress of Femme Fatale Films 

Female domination takes on a plethora of individual styles and activities, at the expert hands of the world’s most talented Dominatrices and it is that untethered variety which I will always seek to reflect through this website.
Join Femme Fatale FilmsDressed in a stunning black leather uniform, with thigh length tailor made leather boots, Mistress Eleise exudes power and control and this session indulges you as a viewer in some very special femdom moments of genuine dominant elation, through cold and calculated sexual sadism.

These are free images from Femme Fatale Films, featuring whipping performed by Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Mistress Eleise

Mistress Eleise

The infamous Mistress Eleise de Lacy. London Dominatrix, jet-set Femme Fatale and former resident Domina of The English Mansion and FemmeFataleFilms.

Specialities: Mind Games, Role-play, CP, Bondage, TV/TS Transformation, Dressing for Pleasure

Mistress Eleise is Currently Starring In 181 Films:

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