If you don’t already know the above image Master Kain who has featured as a dominant in many of the Top Marks Videos. Master Kain is a true dominant, a Master, one who has “owned” and “collared” many submissive women. There are many women who want to be owned by him, be his slave and submit to him. Some of these women want the security of a strong herculean dominant master. Others want to be used like a slut, a whore. Used for their Master’s pleasure. Be fucked and used as a sex toy whenever he desires. Made to get on their knees and suck his cock without question, share or give her to another be it male or female. Submit to whatever “punishment” he wishes to administer whether it be for a real misdemeanour or purely for his pleasure. Present their bare bottom for a spanking, a strapping, a hard caning or lashing with a whip.

One particular Mistress who is an acquaintance of mine is fascinated by Master Kain and doesn’t stop talking about how Masterful he is and how she admires his dominance. The Mistress making these remarks is one if not the most popular mistress. Her images are all over the internet and she has her own website. The impression I get from her comments is that she would fall at his feet if the chance arose. I’m certain she would drop her elegant knickers and go over his knee for a bare bottom otk spanking or touch her toes for a hard caning if he commanded.