A Voyeuristic Spanking

This wonderful all-female spanking film was a precursor to our ‘Positions’ series where two beautiful young ladies show us a spanking for the sake of viewing it! Chrissy Marie is over the lap of Anastasia Rose and from the moment the film opens, the familiar sound of a hard smack across bare cheeks is heard. Chrissy plays to the camera, you’ll see her gorgeous blue eyes stare at you intimately as she feels the varied intensity of Anastasia’s hand.

It’s quite arousing and soon Chrissy is naked and Anastasia removes her bra, spanking her girlfriend topless. The next position has Anastasia on all fours as Anastasia’s jiggling breasts hang over Chrissy’s reddening making this quite a sight to behold. She uses a leather paddle as well as her hand to continue this delightfully wicked spanking. Finally, Chrissy is placed in the diaper position, her bottom and pussy deliciously exposed as Anastasia teases her with varied hand spankings and stinging swats from a hairbrush across the backs of her tender thighs.

This is not a light spanking by any means, Anastasia has been preparing Chrissy for this finale, and for anyone who knows… A spanking on delicate thighs can be most excruciating. Chrissy reminds you of the painful sensations she feels as she stares at you one more time. Stunning!

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