Pilfering Nurse Punished featuring Matilda Caesar and Miss Iceni

Nurse Matilda is finishing her shift as Matron (Miss Iceni) confronts her over the recent spate of thefts of medical items and equipment. Matron wastes no time accusing the junior nurse of the thefts, as she has some of the stolen items taken from her locker displayed on an examination table. Matilda tries to reason with her superior but soon realizes the evidence is overwhelming, especially as more items are found in her uniform pocket!

The choice is clear, she is a great nurse and anyone with less ability would be fired on the spot. However, Matron has another solution and it is not an easy option. Matilda would receive punishment for her sticky fingers and pilfering ways during which the room’s door stays open to add to her embarrassment in case anyone might pass by and witness this unusual discipline. Not wanting to lose her job, she reluctantly accepts the punishment proposal and takes a hard hand spanking as she is placed on the examination table.

To add to her humiliation, Matron pulls down Matilda’s white cotton panties and continues to spank her bare reddening buttocks. The poor girl squirms and complains, from sheer embarrassment, and before she is genuinely sorry and apologetic, Matron delivers 12 mean swats of a thick leather strap as she is laid out on the table. This has the junior nurse gasping as her legs flail and the painful strapping teaches her a valuable lesson. As Matilda rubs and soothes her burning sore bottom, knowing she has been lucky to keep a job she loves; she knows now that the pilfering must stop!

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