Rude Arella Spanked

Arella Bell is sent home early in disgrace from cheer practice for being rude to the new assistant coach. Naturally, her mother has been contacted in advance and told the whole nasty truth and she is waiting on the couch for her naughty girl to arrive home. Arella lies and makes up reasons for her early arrival which secretly infuriates Mom further as the questions are answered with lie after lie!

There is only so much of this that Samantha (her mother) can take and she lets Arella know Mom is aware of everything that transpired. Now the lying behavior will earn the naughty rude brat a trip over the maternal lap for a well-deserved spanking. The scolding and banter between these two continue but Arella soon becomes far more contrite as the spanking continues hard across her bare bottom before she is told to give Mommy the hairbrush and ‘ask for a spanking’ with it.

Now Arella feels embarrassed and realizes how foolish she has been, having her bared cheeks thrashed with the Mason & Pearson hairbrush. By the end, Arella is one sorry-looking young lady, left alone to nurse and rub her sore throbbing bottom!

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