Spoiled Princess Spanked

Lady Jose makes her debut with us here at AAA as a stern no-nonsense Dutch Stepmother who has had enough of her new husband’s annoying spoiled little princess (Lily Thot). Lily has been goading her new stepmom and has disrespected the new House Rules since she moved to Lady Jose’s place. This young madam is about to find out that in this house there are rules and consequences, something she should have known about a long time ago with an old-fashioned spanking!

Lily complains but knows she has been naughty recently and is taken over the maternal lap for her first real hand spanking which is quickly carried out over her bare bottom. She is scolded for wearing a slutty G-String and is told this will not be tolerated again. Before her spanking is finished, Lily is introduced to the Family Leather Strap. With her bottom already red, sore, and throbbing… She feels vulnerable and embarrassed being bent over the bed as Lady Jose uses the stinging implement to teach Lily a lesson.

From now on, she will follow rules, be orderly, and take more discipline if necessary, unless this precious princess wants to experience more painful consequences in the future.

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