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Twice a week, Samantha Storm takes the long stroll through the house and up the stairs to her step-dad’s room. There she lays over his bed and waits, she waits for discipline. Not long ago, Samantha was struggling in college and she knew that something was missing, it dawned on the pretty student that she hadn’t been receiving corporal punishment since she’d left home. This left the girl without a sense of focus and being the brave girl that she was, Samantha approached her step-dad and asked him to light a fire under her.

Samantha didn’t know what she was doing for sure, though once her step-dad agreed to begin spanking her again things would quickly change for the girl. Soon she had rules again, and boundaries. Twice a week Samantha would feel the family strap, there were also moments where the college freshman was paddled on her naked bottom.

What you’re going to see is a spanking that Samantha accepted last Friday, her second spanking of that week. A split tailed strap was applied to the bare cheeks of Samantha, you could see the welts form right in front of your very eyes! Next, there were strokes of correction with the family strap. Samantha was learning, she didn’t complain about her spanking, in fact her goal was to proudly be obedient though she couldn’t always hide her pained reactions.

Part of the discipline at home also involved bare bottom swats! Often times Samantha would take a hard leathering before having the board polish her off. In this situation, she’d already had her cheeks heated up with two different straps, it only made sense that Samantha would be instructed to accept a paddling once again. Those swats were given over his knee and and with his step-daughter bending over the bed. This is a very realistic look at a traditional spanking punishment regimen.

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