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Free video with Kelli Curtis and Carrissa Dumond from Universal Spanking Punishments.

Kevin Curtis and Kelli Curtis lived a happy life in Montana. They owned a business together (with Kevin’s business partner) and it’d been successful since it opened. Kelli worked the office portion of the business, though there was almost more work than she could handle. One afternoon, Kelli met Carissa Dumond in a coffee shop and they hit off. Carissa expressed that she could use a job and had office and social media experience.

After a short call with her husband, Carissa was hired for the job. From the start, Carissa was proficient in her duties, though as things went on occasionally Kelli and Carissa would get confused about who was to handle which job duty and eventually a couple of clients were lost. Just last week, another client became infuriated by an office issue, and both women would soon find their bare bottoms welted and bruised.

As both women were bent over in the kitchen they tried to figure out who was the one that angered the client? They were both instructed by Kevin to wear tight jeans and prepare for punishment! Carissa had no idea that spanking could be used as discipline in her role, a fact that Kelli apparently forgot to mention. Carissa needed the money she was earning more than ever, so she just took a deep breath and accepted that corporal punishment was part of her future.

The belt can have a profound affect on a woman’s performance, and as soon as Kevin arrived at the home office he pulled his belt off and began strapping Kelli and Carissa! Kelli would feel correction on occasion in their home life, though Carissa hadn’t been spanked in years. Immediately both women felt an invasive sting on their backsides, Kevin was in a real belt whipping mood on that day. Carissa cried out and pleaded, so did Kelli, though their punishment was about to intensify because they would be getting strapped on their bare bottoms! You could see their cheeks begin to welt, Kelli and Carissa were enduring painful discipline. Kevin warned that he had a surprise for both women, and you can imagine that it involved more strict correction!

Kevin’s business partner was not happy about the ongoing issue’s in the office, he tried to stay out of that area of the business. Jeff Swenson (Aquaphilias) had worked alongside Kevin for years, they’d built a strong business. However, Jeff did not know that Kelli had hired Carissa as he wouldn’t have ever allowed such a thing, because Carissa was Jeff’s ex-wife! So, when Kevin walked in the door in the middle of punishment to discover that Carissa had been a big part of the problems, he joined right in and began paddling both women. The ex-hubby had more than a few grudges with Carissa, so he savored the moment. Swats were given with a leather paddle and a stinging rubber paddle, both women were crying out in pain, yet Jeff kept laying in the licks with paddles and his hard hand!

One would have to wonder if both men enjoyed punishing the two beautiful women? Their gorgeous naked backsides were swollen and both were near tears when Kevin and Jeff decided that swats with matching wooden paddles were also deserved. Getting smacked with those boards (that had holes) did a number on their bare bottoms, in fact you could see bulls eyes on their cheeks. The two women sobbed, they endured a lot of swats that day. As both men were feeling a bit cruel, they also had Kelli and Carissa paddle each other in their tight jeans, that was embarrassing and humiliating, but you can bet that mistakes in the office after that day reduced dramatically. Eventually, the spanking punishment was over and Kelli and Carissa were instructed to kneel with their hands on their heads, jeans pulled down to expose their tenderized buttocks.


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