The Headmaster was NOT a happy bunny! Carter and Akroyd had been summoned to his office. Usually Miss Akroyd is naughty on her own but it looks like she has recruited a sidekick in Miss Carter, a known trouble causer in the year above. Miss Akroyd’s mouth got her into trouble again, whilst both young ladies were trying to blame each other for the usual crimes, such as smoking. Miss Akroyd was first in line for an over the knee hand spanking. Lucky for her she had her girdle on for a bit of padding! Then came Miss Carter’s pasting.

Poor Carter wasn’t prepared for such a beating. Over the desk she bent and the Head proceeded to thrash the living daylights out of her with the big, brown, leather strap. Ouch! That soon shut her cheeky little mouth! Not for very long though. Being goaded by Akroyd, standing in the corner was too much for her and she let a few potty mouthed statements slip resulting in a good, hard caning. Carter’s naughty little bottom was red raw with the welts left behind….