First Class Offender

Jas is a promising flight attendant, already promoted to working First Class. She was first in her graduating class, currently first as the youngest Trans-Atlantic cabin crew of the airline, and was popular with passengers and her colleagues. So it came as a shock that this bright young lady would also be the first to face a new style discipline procedure after it was discovered she had been packing her bags with first-class merchandise and selling them. Jas needs to learn a short sharp lesson as firing her had been an option but she is the darling of the cabin crew and after the evidence is presented she accepts her wrongdoing. She is to be given a spanking and leather strapping like she would have received at school as this style of discipline was proved effective in the past. Her pert tight bottom is hand spanked over the adjudicator’s lap and her white cotton panties pulled down whilst still in her uniform. This is designed to fully immerse her in the embarrassing punishment. Jas is brought to tears in the final part of her discipline whilst laid out on the couch as a leather strap stings her exposed bare, upturned bottom relentlessly… leaving it swollen and marked in shame. Her next flight departure is in a few hours and she won’t want to sit down during the Atlantic crossing today!