Steve Spanks Brigella

Originally Posted 11th October 2013

It looks like winter is well and truly here even though the season hasn’t officially arrived. Yesterday was really cold, so cold that I put the heating on for the first time since summer. This morning I woke to see a dark grey cloudy sky and rain pouring down. A day to stay in bed methinks! If I didn’t have mundane things to do such as food shopping I would have indeed stayed there but alas I could only do that if I wanted to starve. It’s not all doom and gloom though as through tweeting I found some new friends who share my interest in spanking and if you are a tweeter you can find them @londonspanking – They have their own website which you can see by clicking on the banner below. These nice people have invited me to send them some of my spanking pictures for a guest gallery on their site and that I shall be doing quite soon.

They sell a variety of spanking implements at quite reasonable prices so if you’re a bit of a spanker which you probably are if you’re reading my blog their website is well worth looking at.


Sadly the website is no more. Websites come and go. Another casualty no doubt of nanny state Britain.