Please welcome Kim Chi… We filmed her a few years ago at Fetishcon and apologise for taking this long to showcase this wonderful brat. Kim Chi is better known in fetish circles for her wrestling antics and has a fit, strong, toned body to prove it. She also happens to possess a highly spankable booty paired with an incredible bratty disposition that begs for her to receive multiple spankings! Dressed in fishnet stockings, she is placed in a few spanking positions by John… And the first is his favourite; OTK and spanked hard.

She squirms and brats him back, giggling, crying out, and trying to avoid his stinging hand. Her bottom turns a beautiful shade of red underneath the fishnets and it is time for the next spankings without the ‘protection’ of her lingerie. Placed over the bed, bottom stuck out, she is spanked by hand and with a black teardrop leather paddle. Again, she squirms, brats at every opportunity, and accepts that her sore booty isn’t getting away with it! In the final position, spread out over the bed, she experiences the heavy leather Reformatory Strap, a favourite implement that is used in a lot of our impact play scenarios.

Kim Chi learns that the cool leather can also soothe her aching bottom as well as deliver stinging swats when required. This is a perfect introduction film, and one of the first, we believe, that she had ever made at the time. You may have seen her elsewhere since, but this was her first filmed spanking scene which makes this all the more endearing to watch!

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