Well well would you believe it. After my vent on the 24th Jan 2013 regarding opening a business account for my website www.vintagespankingmagazines.com today I received a phone call from a lady informing me that her bank, one of the main high street ones will provide me with a business account. Kudos to them. The next step is trying to be able to take credit cards for payment. If this were to happen it will make my life a lot easier.

As I’m very happy at the minute I’d like to make those of you who read my blog happy too.  Here’s a picture of Red administering a hand spanking to the cute bare cheeks of a naughty girl makes you smile. And if the sight of Miss Red spanking a bottom doesn’t fill you with excitement I’ll eat my socks.

You can see more of Ms Red at www.red-xxx.com Oh if only I could but Red sadly is pure Domme!

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