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London Submissive Girls Baker Street

25th October 2013

London Submissive Girls Baker Street

I know for a fact that there are many men who would love nothing more that to take a cute young girl, (over eighteen of course) over their knees, raise her shirts and slip down her panties to give a bum-warming spanking to their cute bare bottom. If I had a pound for each time I received a letter or email saying my wife doesn’t understand I’d be a wealthy man. There are of course many spanking parties in London and across the UK that these would be spankers could attend but many are apprehensive of these and would much prefer to spank a girl on a 121 basis. The problem is of course if you’re not active in the spanking scene where do you find these girls. There used to be contact adverts in spanking magazines such as Janus and Kane but now these have ceased publication so even that option has disappeared.

There are many girls who will bare their bottoms for a fee and let you spank away on their bare cheeks, some will even take a good strapping or caning but where can you find them? Well I have some good news because recently I became friends with some ladies in Baker Street London who offer such services and not only that you can rest assured that you are in a safe situation and all is confidential. If you do make contact with these ladies for some spanking fun like the gentleman pictured above please let them know that Cliff James recommended them.

A Day with the Submissive Girls

Originally Posted on 31st October 2013

A Day with the Submissive Girls

Looking out of my bedroom window early this morning I was dismayed to see that is was absolutely pouring with rain which is something I really didn’t want to see. Today is the day I was paying a visit to the Submissive Girls and the last thing I wanted to be doing was walking down Baker street in the rain getting saturated. As luck would have it by the time I began my short journey the raid had stopped so hopefully my luck was in.

It didn’t take me long to arrive at Marylebone station then my final destination was a five minute walk away, or it should have been. Thanks to the Apple Maps App I was sent in completely the opposite direction and ended up exactly where I had started. I then used Google maps which was brilliant and in no time at all I was ringing on Jasmina’s door and after climbing a couple of flights of stairs I was greeted by the lady in question and another gorgeous girl called Amy who was dressed in what was for all purposes a school uniform. I had a feeling that this was going to be a good day.

It’s said that time flies when you are enjoying yourself and today certainly flew even though no spanking was done on my part (that is yet to come). The day was spent in conversation with Jasmina and Amy, that is when Amy wasn’t being spanked by a client in another room. It did make me chuckle each time she returned to the small lounge to rejoin the conversation as her fidgeting left me with no doubt that her bottom was quite sore.

The topic of conversation was of course spanking, much of it about the submissive girls and much about my time at Kane. It was during this that Amy produced a bottle of sparkling rose so we all drank and talked and talked and talked… So much in fact that I left without laying the palm of my hand on Amy’s cute rear. But there is good news as I shall be paying them a visit tomorrow to continue where we left off. So watch this space to see what happens.

Meanwhile, talking of schoolgirls (grown up ones of course) to whet your appetite above are the cutest schoolgirls ever the gorgeous Sam Johnson and Georgina Springthorpe who look as though they have been up to much mischief which they have with porr Sally who they have just caned!

Sam Johnson and Georgine Springthorpe

London Submissive Girls

Originally Posted 1st November 2013

A Morning with The London Submissive Girls

I’m not one for early mornings but Jasmin had coerced me into paying her another visit (not that I needed much coercing) as Amy wanted some photos taken and who was I to refuse as Amy was gorgeous and she had such a cute bottom. So again I found myself at Jasmin’s flat just a short distance from Baker Street tube station camera in hand.

If you’re a spanker and haven’t yet had the pleasure of taking a cute young lady across your knee for a good old fashioned hand spanking or have a naughty grown up schoolgirl touch her toes for six of the best with swishy rattan because you don’t know where to go I strongly suggest you pay the Submissive Babes a visit. Just give Jasmin a call on 07725 879 382 and I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you do give Jasmin a call please tell her that Cliff James recommended her. You’ll be able to read all about my day with Jasmin and Amy later. Meanwhile here’s teaser of what we got up to.