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Night Howls Part 2

Night Howls Part 2 – Part 6 of The Headmaster’s Study

Featuring JoJo as Miss Johnson and Steve Von Vickershausen as Mr. Barton the Headmaster

The punishing action continues with Miss Johnson receiving more of the dreaded strap in some unusual and painful positions. Even though her buttocks and backs of her thighs are deeply marked that is not the end of her punishment. Made to sprawl across the headmaster’s desk with her bottom raised poor Miss Johnson is strapped and caned severely until the sadistic headmaster is satisfied. Night school will never seem the same.

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Spanking Fun With Lorraine Ansell

A Spanking Shoot with Lorraine Ansell

Originally Posted 5th November 2013

Sorting through my stock of spanking magazines I came upon a copy of Privilege Plus number 14. The mag features the shoot I did with the lovely Lorraine Ansell. The shoot came about as I knew the editor of Privilege Stephen Sims AKA Robb Squire. Knowing that Stephen was always looking for models I sent him a photo of Lorraine. I asked if he would be interested in using her for a shoot,  of course he was. I also had an idea for a shoot as Lorraine looked absolutely gorgeous in a maid’s uniform.

The plot was Lorraine played the part of a clumsy waitress who spilt a bottle of wine over a diner. For her carelessness she got her bottom bared and spanked. Stephen suggested that as I had provided the girl so to speak and he was going to use the plot I suggested would I like to be the diner. There was no question that I would decline his offer. I’d never turn down the chance to take Lorraine over my knees and spank her cute bare bottom.

The shoot was done at Dave Meeks studio that Janus used regularly. Lorraine arrived looking stunning in a long fur-lined coat that almost touched the floor and after coffee and small talk with myself, Stephen and the photographer Vic Barnes she nipped into the changing room to change into her maids uniform. To my surprise she called out and asked my to join her while she changed. Now I’m all for seeing gorgeous girls naked but I felt it wrong to be with her while she changed so although I did join her as we continued our conversation I focused my eyes on the wall and that, strange as it may seem is the truth!

When we started to shoot Vic told me that we had to be careful as due to recent restrictions of what can and cannot be shown in spanking magazines the publisher wouldn’t (at that time) use any photos that showed marks on a girl’s bum though that doesn’t mean that Lorraine didn’t get a good walloping as she did. She also sportingly took a dozen strokes of the cane after the shoot, for her pleasure as much as mine.

Lorraine is one of the nicest spanking models that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with and I felt rather sad when the day came to an end as apart from the spanking the rest of the day was also a most memorable one.

The image of Lorraine and me is used with the kind permission of the owner of Janus

Apathetic Homebase Staff

Originally Posted 11th November 2013

The past weekend wasn’t one of the best I’ve had in fact it was one I’d rather forget. Saturday our not only did our washing machine decide it was a good time to develop a fault one of our showers also packed up and on top of that on Sunday Arsenal went down 1-0 to Manchester United that’s to a goal from our ex captain Robin Van Persie.

Today my wife and I braved the wet and nasty weather and went to our local HOMEBASE looking for a replacement electric shower, we knew what brand we wanted so finding one should have been an easy task. Our local HOMEBASE has bathroom equipment on a mezzanine floor and there we headed. At the time the store was empty, not surprising it being a Monday and raining cats and dogs. Eventually we found a solitary and rather grumpy saleswoman. ”Where are the electric showers?”, I asked. The reply was just three syllables, ‘ov-er there.’ Brilliant! So informative.

”Over where?” I asked again.



I could see that this was going nowhere so we decided to find them for ourselves. After we found them and had decided which one we wanted we asked the ever so helpful assistant if she could fetch the one we wanted. Her reply was was just as enthusiastic as her previous as she said we had to write down the number of the item and ask a cashier to fetch it. Not being in the habit of carrying pen and paper with me and none being offered I took a photo of the price label and showed the cashier that. What followed you just couldn’t make up. The cashier had no idea what to do and asked a male member of staff to assist her. To say this guy was brain dead is an understatement! Ten minutes later nothing seemed to be happening to we decided rather than waste anymore time in the DIY store from hell we went to the builder’s merchant opposite, M.P. Moran where if I had put my thinking head on I would have gone first. Not only were they much cheaper than HOMEBASE the sales guy was really helpful and knowledgeable so we purchased our shower, a decent Triton model at a decent price.

Another thing I find quite amazing is companies like Panasonic who is the manufacturer of our washing machine don’t have their helpline staffed at the weekend when that is the time when you’re most likely to need their assistance. Thankfully my wife and I run our businesses from home so calling on a weekday is not a problem for us unlike the poor sods who work nine till five.

There’s squillions of unemployed people in the UK so to HOMEBASE I say kick out your plebs and take on some decent staff and train them in the art of customer service. And to Panasonic… Just take on more bloody staff! Vent over.