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Lucy Bailey’s Christmas Spanking

It was Christmas morning.  Lucy Bailey had been looking forward to this day eagerly. Perched on her pillows was her two favourite cuddly Christmas soft toys Father Christmas and Sidney Snowman. Eagerly she began unwrapping the presents that had mysteriously arrived overnight. She’d hoped to receive some money to spend on a clothes shopping spree and a new mobile phone. As she unwrapped present after present she was horrified, there was no money nor a new phone. She knew that she hadn’t been the best behaved girl over the year but she didn’t expect Santa to fill her stocking with paddles, straps and a wicked crook-handled cane. And the most puzzling thing was – who was going to use them on her to spank and cane her bare bottom.

Vida Garman spanked OTK

An Invitation I Couldn’t Refuse

26th October 2013


Today has become quite a good one as the gooners have managed to beat Crystal Palace 2-0 despite having a player sent off but the best thing of the day was an invitation by a lady called Jasmina to pay a visit to the London Submissive Girls and test drive or rather test spank some of the gorgeous girls on their bare bottom. Now you see why this is an invitation I couldn’t refuse. Would you? It’s been a while since I’ve had a little spanking fun so this I am looking forward to. Pictures will of course be posted here of my visit.

I’ve also had contact with a lovely lady called Heather who runs the London Fetish Fair and low and behold it seems we have quite a few mutual acquaintances. One of them being the gorgeous Lucy Bailey, who graced the pages of Janus on many occasions whose bare bottom I spanked some years back. Luck is now known as now Mistress Sidonia von Bork owner of the wicked Fem Dom website the English Mansion. Tis a small world indeed.

Girls I have Known and Spanked

Angie canes a male bare bottom at a London spanking PartyOver the years I have spanked and caned the bare bottom of many girls though sadly not all is documented with photos. One lady I really did enjoy having over my knees with her bottom bared was Angie. Angie had a really cute bum and was quite gorgeous. I could have spanked her till the cows come home much to the annoyance of David S.

Not only does Angie enjoy a good spanking she is quite dominant and enjoys caning men. I know for a fact that she is able to cane severely. Those who have had the pleasure of having their bare arse caned by her will no doubt confirm.

For the record the man in the picture being caned by Angie isn’t me!

One of the girls that I do have pictures of me spanking is a young lady is Debbie. One of the shoots she did for Kane was playing the part of an errant daughter who had received a bad school report.  For this was soundly spanked and caned by Ms Harrison-Marks who played the part of her mum.

Part two of the shoot was when her father came home and was told all about Debbie’s bad school report. Now it was daddy’s (my) turn to give daughter Debbie a bare bottom spanking and hard caning.

Debbie gets an OTK spanking

I also spanked and caned Lucy Bailey who is in the featured top image and in spanking action as the spanker. Lucy is one of the nicest people I know and I feel blessed that I had the chance to spank her before she became dominant. Lucy is now known as Mistress Sidonia and if you didn’t know already is owner of the Fem Dom website The English Mansion.

I have spanked many others, one in particular very much though she shall remain nameless. I’ll give you a clue, ”It all seems a bit fishy to me”, if you know what I mean. Do you know who she is now?

There are of course other girls I think would benefit from having their bottoms dealt with by me… If you think you know who they are please send me a postcard with their name on it though there is of course no prize for guessing correctly.

Originally posted 20th November 2012