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R I P Kane Magazine

Originally Posted 5th November 2013



Ms Harrison Marks confirmed the thought I had about kane-magazine.com website being closed. I find it sad that one of the UK’s best known spanking magazines and website has come to an end.

Those in the industry have known that producers of spanking material would eventually cease. Publishing magazines when they are scanned by thieving arseholes who post them on forum websites for all to download for free is theft. Having material from a paysite saved and reposted is also theft and financially crippling. Janus magazine ceased publication a while back and now Kane has completely closed. There will be no more new material from either of these producers, no new shoots to look forward to with eager anticipation all because of those who think it’s fun to steal.

Those like Debseddy who are listed as a (hero) on a certain forum when in reality they are just a common thief stealing and posting what is not theirs. I wonder how this low life would feel if his home was burgled and is possessions distributed for free. Ah but that’s different isn’t it. Is it. Is it really different? No it is not. He’s giving away someone else’s material, material that they’ve paid a photographer to shoot, models to pose, writers of stories, printers to print and distributors to distribute and none of these come cheap. Still think stealing and reposting is acceptable? Sadly people like Debseddy probably do.

I may vent on my blog about vermin like Debseddy but nothing will change as whoever they maybe are no different to those who won’t think twice about stealing your car or phone. They are pure scum. Though there may be light at the end of the tunnel as with a writ from a solicitor the forum will have to hand over your IP address and in turn your IPS provider will have to hand over your details such as name and address and then… Well that’s up to the magistrate to decide. I hope it was worth it.

The End of An Era

When I created my website cliffjamesphotography.com many years ago I added a Blog / Diary page to keep an online record of events in my personal life, my work with Ms Harrison Marks, Kane and of course my BFF Teresa May. The website I created was a template based one and over the years it has become a real pain. The main pain has been that the font style colour and size for no apparent reason, images would show correctly in the WYSIWYG editor but become misaligned when published and displayed differently in different browsers.

Two weeks ago I received an email from my web-hosts TSOhosts informing me that they were discontinuing what they referred to as the Legacy Website Builders and would be terminating them in 60 days. At first I was horrified and to put it mildly cheesed off. That said, it is a well known fact that nothing is forever and that you shouldn’t, as I did, put all your eggs in one basket. There is also a saying that every cloud has a silver lining and that is true. Thankfully I had already been creating websites using WordPress so all was not lost though it was and currently is a pain as I had many sites to recreate.

For all the issues with the template site cliffjamesphotography.com I knew I would miss it so I have decided to recreated part of it especially the Blog / Diary posts on this website. My plan is to create a post for each post I made in chronological order starting at the very beginning which was 2012 – I know this will take time but little by little it will get done.

I’m sure there are lots of people out there in the wild wild web who will be pleased to see the site go and will be dancing in the street but hey ho. More than it hurts me to say this… Who cares… I’m here now… Still here and I’m not going away.