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The Secret of Caning

Whilst the cane, hard caning can be used for extreme punishment, it can also be a highly rewarding. A enjoyable experience for the recipient, when wielded by experienced hands. The male bottom in this scene was terrified at the beginning. Thought it wasn’t long before he voluntarily pushed his bum out requesting another stroke from Miss Zoe.

CFNM Corporal Punishment

Watching Miss Zoe perform CP is quite simply poetry in motion in this genuine Top/bottom interaction. The male spankee sheds real tears of overwhelming emotion. Miss Zoe wants the best from her supplicant and he desperately needs to prove himself to her. This Femdom punishment scene features spanking, strapping, paddling and caning.

Turning The Tables

The male chauvinist boss has an issue with his female employees’ clothing, expecting them to dress more provocatively. He reminds Eleise that he’s mentioned this to her several times before. Deciding she’s not going to put up with this form of harassment any longer she sets about turning the tables on him. With a few choice words of encouragement, she sets about humiliating him. He’s going to be very sorry that he ever tried to manipulate her, she tells him. Moments later he’s across her lap being spanked and strapped. Now naked she bends him across her desk for a hard caning of twelve of the best.