Tag: Miss Zoe

The Secret of Caning

Whilst the cane, hard caning can be used for extreme punishment, it can also be a highly rewarding. A enjoyable experience for the recipient, when wielded by experienced hands. The male bottom in this scene was terrified at the beginning. Thought it wasn’t long before he voluntarily pushed his bum out requesting another stroke from Miss Zoe.

Wooden Spoon Spanking

Serving Miss Zoe at home is a privilege few get to experience. When a male servant fails in his duties, the reprimand is swift and harsh! His punishment includes devastatingly hard face slaps, verbal humiliation and a CFNM spanking. He’s spanked one of the most severe kitchen implements: the wooden spoon that’s made for spanking.

Sun Stroke Spanking

Miss Zoe asked her house servant to complete a simple job, yet he falls asleep on her sunbed instead. He gets a rude awakening! When Miss Zoe finds him lounging she swiftly administers a verbal dressing down and a severe hand spanking. The spanking was made much worse with the liberal smearing of sun lotion over his naked bottom.