NatWest The UK’s Worst Bank

I Just received an email from the worst bank in the UK

Hello Clifford,

We’re changing your Instant Saver account.

We want to help you save for the future by making a clearer difference between our savings and current accounts. So on 16th October 2019, we’re going to change your Instant Saver account, meaning they’ll be just for saving.

Here’s what’s changing

• You’ll no longer be able to make any payments (like paying a bill) or transfer money directly from your savings account to another account, unless it’s to a NatWest account in your name.
• We’ll no longer be issuing new or replacement cards for your savings account. If you currently have a card, you can continue to use it until it expires.

I have many issues with this shitty bank:

1) Who are you to address me by my first name.. You’re not my friend I’m your customer. Show some respect!

2) Who are you to decide how I save for the future, that’s if I want to save for the future. Do you think I’m that dumb that I don’t know the difference between a savings account and a current account!

3) Who are you to decide to no longer issue a debit card so that I can use my money in my savings account to pay for items on a debit card or if I want to withdraw money from my account using a card!

NatWest… As a bank you stink! Your customer service stinks and your attitude to your customers stink!