Tag: Punished Males

Spanked By His Young Wife

Sheila was fed up with her lazy husband staying in bed till the afternoon each day.  It was time to put a stop to it. A good strapping on his bare arse and the paddle across his cock should do the trick.



Escort To The Theatre

Nigel was supposed to be escorting me to the theater. I had carefully chosen my dress and was looking forward to the evening out. He however wants to slob around with a bear in his tee shirt watching a ball game on TV. No Way! I am going to give him just what for. The leather strap on his hands for starters and then he gets his pants down for a hard caning on his bare bottom.

Timothy Light Finger

Timothy is back to see me and so soon after I had to give him a severe beating for stealing money from his family. It seems he has not learnt his lesson and I now have to make this punishment that much harder. I waste absolutely no time, it’s trousers down, over my kitchen table then a good paddling with my heavy paddle before going straight onto a severe caning. Will this cure him?