Tag: Self Spanking

Jayda’s Self-Spanking

If you’re a self-spanking fan, you’re going to love this one. Jayda warms herself up beautifully before working through a fantastic collection of implements – a rubber spoon, hairbrushes and bath brushes, even a heavy paddle complete with holes for extra sting. By the end her gorgeous bottom is a glowing red, warmed and beaten.

The amazing self-spanking isn’t the only special thing about this Guest Director film, though. Her narration is fantastic; you’ll get to hear not only her whimpering reaction to the blows she administers, but also what’s going through her mind as she punishes herself. You’ll be able to share in her fantasies, her daydreams, her desires – and every moment of her firm spanking

I’d Better Do It Myself

Naughty sixth former Pandora Blake knows she’s earned herself a punishment spanking – but the Headmistress isn’t in her office! Keen to avoid getting into even more trouble, she decides to take matters into her own hands…

Lucy Bailey’s Christmas Spanking

It was Christmas morning.  Lucy Bailey had been looking forward to this day eagerly. Perched on her pillows was her two favourite cuddly Christmas soft toys Father Christmas and Sidney Snowman. Eagerly she began unwrapping the presents that had mysteriously arrived overnight. She’d hoped to receive some money to spend on a clothes shopping spree and a new mobile phone. As she unwrapped present after present she was horrified, there was no money nor a new phone. She knew that she hadn’t been the best behaved girl over the year but she didn’t expect Santa to fill her stocking with paddles, straps and a wicked crook-handled cane. And the most puzzling thing was – who was going to use them on her to spank and cane her bare bottom.

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