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Spurred Into Action

At eighteen years of age Sarah believed she could do as she liked and backchat as she liked. After all, she was too old to get her bare bottom thrashed. When her strict aunt decided enough was enough her jeans were pulled down and she was given a much needed dose of the slipper and cane.

Spanked and Scolded by Auntie Margaret

Spanking content producer Pandora Blake has just posted a delicious preview video for her new POV corporal punishment fantasy. The title of is Spanked and Scolded by Auntie Margaret.

According to the video description, it seems that your strict Aunt Margaret is very displeased with your recent behavior.  Aiming to teach you an unforgettable lesson with the back of her wooden hairbrush.

“Wearing a vintage white blouse and tight pencil skirt, Auntie Margaret sits you down for a stern talking to. Delivering a withering scolding that gives you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. It’s then you realize you are in deep, deep trouble.

“If there was any doubt remaining about what will happen to you now, she puts it to rest. Showing you the wooden hairbrush that she intends to use to spank your bottom, and telling you in exquisite detail exactly how she is going to punish you, and how much it will hurt.”

It’s No Good Whimpering!

It’s No Good Whimpering!

When Aunty found Nephew Alan’s spanking magazines she belted his hands to discourage self-abuse and he had to throw the disgusting material in the fire. “You’re lucky you don’t get the buckle end of the belt” she told him, put him over her knee and spanked the living daylights out of him. “It’s no good whimpering” she rebuked unsympathetically, the school said you wouldn’t have Matron’s medical inspection.” Undignified, he thought. “I’ll show you undignified” she snapped and paddled and belted his bottom red and fiery. Bottom up she slashed the wooden handled strap across his backside. You can tell it hurt. She was enjoying this. After the carpet beater, paddle and tawse he asked her forgiveness and she agreed if he took six very hard with the tawse. His pained noises got louder with each crack, then they hugged and made