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Spanked By His Young Wife

Sheila was fed up with her lazy husband staying in bed till the afternoon each day.  It was time to put a stop to it. A good strapping on his bare arse and the paddle across his cock should do the trick.



Builder Mike Gets The Cane

Lola has given both Mike and George a very effective paddling but I am not satisfied. I can’t have men taking advantage of any of my girlfriends, not even if the silly girl was to blame. I will only be happy when these two builders have been really punished. That’s something I will take on myself. I select two canes, one thin and whippy the other thick and thuddy and I soon have Mike whimpering like a girl.

Miss Naylor Disciplines

“I’m really going to hurt you today,” Miss Naylor proclaims, before beating his naked backside with whip, cane and perforated paddle. Immobilized on the cross the way he is, there’s nothing he can do to escape her wrath.