Category: Strict Women

P.A. to Miss de Lacy

The P.A. to Miss de Lacy is still not cutting it. The new office manager is not sure whether he’ll ever meet her exacting standards. She catches him making a personal call as she returns to the office, so decides to show him exactly how she can waste some time at his expense beginning with a little footworship.

The Prison Strap

For bunking off cross-country (yet again) Potter had to stay after school for a very long, very brutal reminder not to dawdle again. Over the caning stool she whipped his back hard (not a recognised school punishment but most effective). He started making pathetic pained sounds when she took some serious leather to his arse and he began to breathe deeply. She was going to take sadistic pleasure in this and happily assured him that after school there was no rush. The prison strap, swung with determination at full stretch is a terrifying experience, the blistering cracks reverberating round the room. The old leather crop is almost as frightening (swung as she does). Finally it was over the horse for the cane. There has to be a caning. She adores caning. By the time she was done his arse was crimson and striped.

Thank You Aunty

Her nephew had gone to bed early to do some homework but was reading the racing paper when Aunty came in with his bedtime hot chocolate. He stuffed the paper under his pillow. She told him she wanted to change his sheets as she had heard him wanking the night before (which he denied) and found the paper. Then it was over her knee for a blistering spanking before making him take a revision book and lay face down on the bed. She took the belt to his bottom, hard, first on his pyjama bottoms then on his bare rear. Really cross about his gambling he got a right good dose of the plimsoll then she sat astride him. One stockinged thigh each side and hairbrushed him despite his flailing legs. “Have you learned your lesson?” she asked. “Yes Aunty, thank you” he blurted.