Alternate Title The School Bully

St Teresa's school for boys featuring Teresa May as the Headmistress where boys get hard caning punishment

Over the past few days, early January 2019 I have been exchanging Facebook messages with a female friend of mine who shall remain anonymous for reasons that any reasonable person who reads this will understand.

Every class in every school sadly has its bully or bullies and in my class it was the latter. Those who were in my class will no doubt confirm that the bullies of the day were David Warren, Steven Warren (no relation) and Peter Wiggins.

How are you supposed to feel when you find out a girl you had a severe crush on at senior school was assaulted by three boys in your class. This happened when Miss Cleary our science teacher had left the laboratory for a short while. I was aged between 11 and 15 which is the ages I was during my years at Latton Bush. One incident I vaguely remember was when the same girl was (allegedly) assaulted in the cupboard of a classroom. If I was there I should have done something but I’m ashamed to say didn’t.

I feel sick and numb after finding this out today. Why didn’t I do something? I don’t know the answer. Maybe I was a cowardly schoolboy. What I do know is if I met the perpetrators today things would be much different.