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Rebekah Jordan gets her bare bottom spanked OTK by Miss Harrison Marks

Classic spanking videos such as Mandy Bait and The Beak The Mistress and the Schoolgirls. These feature the popular spanking models Sue Ellis and Paula Meadows. The Kane Assignment that features Paula Meadows has become a much sought after video. Paula Meadows now known as Lynn Paula Russell gets spanked and whipped on her bare bottom with a vicious riding crop. All of these classic videos are available at the Kane and Top Marks Clips4Sale store

A Sting In The Tail Teresa May & David Fox M/F
Head Girl Tastes The Cane Sally Cavendar. Elizabeth Simpson & Sam Johnson F/F
Spanked In Detention Master Kain, Sally Cavendar. Elizabeth Simpson & Sam Johnson MF/F
Spanked By The Head Girl Sally Cavendar. Elizabeth Simpson & Sam Johnson F/F
Susan’s Severe Punishment Caning Sally Cavendar. Elizabeth Simpson & Sam Johnson F/F
The Wicked Prefects Sally Cavendar & Sam Johnson F/F
The Severe Punishment Sally Cavendar & Sam Johnson F/F

Spanked in The Bath Anne Proto & Mary Jane F/F 23rd March, 2022
Discipline in The Office Morgan, Janie & Elizabeth Simpson F/FF 22nd March, 2022
Secretary’s Spanking Part 1 Ms Harrison Marks & Rose Chapman F/F 21st March, 2022
Treated Like A Naughty Schoolgirl Jean Bradley & Steve Bickers M/F 20th March, 2022
Janie’s 36 Stroke Punishment Caning Janie & Master Kain M/F 19th March, 2022
Disrespectful Daughter Yvonne Carey & Eddie Dart M/F 18th March, 2022
Miss Flanagan’s Flogging Master Kain & Dublin O’Brien M/F 17th March, 2022
New Girl’s Punishment Elizabeth Simpson, Sam Johnson & Sally Cavendar FF/F 16th March, 2022
The Witnesses Steve Bickers, Samantha, Rachel Lloyd & John Rundell M/F 15th March, 2022
Spank The Bitch Sue Ellis, Anne Proto & Mary Jane FF/F 14th March, 2022
Payment in Kind Sara Beauchamp & Earl Grey M/F 13th March, 2022
Sue’s Hard Spanking Sue Ellis & Dave Mason M/F 12th March, 2022
Jay’s Punishing Holiday Jay & David Alexander M/F 11th March, 2022
Even More Tears Samantha, Lucy McClean & Master Kain M/FF 10th March, 2022
A Hard Caning For Samantha Sam Johnson & Master Kain M/F 9th March, 2022
Tears of Regret Sam Johnson & Master Kain M/F 8th March, 2022
Misty’s Big Mistake Misty & David Alexander M/F 7th March, 2022
Paula’s Punishment Paula Meadows, Anne Proto & David Baker M/FF 6th March, 2022
Cheating Housewives Rachel Lloyd, Sam Johnson & Master Kain M/FF 6th March, 2022
Spanking Seance Kelly Hearn & Sue Ellis F/F 6th March, 2022
Night Howls JoJo & Steve Bickers M/F 5th March, 2022

The images below are just a small selection of classic Kane International and Top Marks Videos available on our clips4sale

Harrison Marks Kane International and Top Marks Classic Spanking Videos