It’s been five years this July that I started this website, many of you will know that I had a previous website but got shafted by my hosting company who decided to withdraw the template based websites that I was using so I had to start again which was a huge learning curve and I’m still on it. My late grandmother Lily who passed away many years ago frequently said you lean something new everyday and she wasn’t wrong.

When I started this website I wanted it to be about me, my family, my life and my work both with Kane, the lovely Teresa May who I ended up managing and my photographic work elsewhere like London Fashion Week, The Erotica exhibitions and photographing Mistress R’eal for her website. Sadly Mistress R’eal and I had a personality clash which is a shame but hey, life isn’t perfect.

Today, I removed all of the personal posts from the main menu, they are still on the website but you will have to search for them. I did this because the site has progressed and is far from a website blog about my life and I haven’t posted anything personal to me for ages apart from my reminiscing about a girl who was at my school, Berenice. Writing the post about her made me feel I should add more personal posts, about my past and events of my life. This is really for me as I find it enjoyable when looking looking through my website and reading about things from my past that I had forgotten about, a bit like looking through the pages of a well worn diary that you’ve come across in a box at the bottom of your wardrobe.

I’ve asked my daughter to ensure that when I have passed away to the other side that she keep my website live for as long as possible, her inheritance will more than cover the cost. I want to site to be kept on line as long as possible because I’d like to be remembered even if it’s just for a short while. I realise I’m not a famous person but I’d like to think that through the pages of Kane I made some people happy, gave them enjoyment and titillation through the photos I took and the videos I scripted and made with Josie. I know I have also upset many people, mainly those who think they can steal and post copyrighted material, photos and videos but doing that is illegal.  Not only is it illegal is inhibiting the production of new material as many producers will give it up as it becomes financially unviable.

Enjoy the rest of your day.