The Eagle Boys Club Harlow

The Eagle Boys Club Harlow

The Eagle Boys club was run by two middle aged men. One of them had a daughter called Lorraine who was a very shy but very pleasant girl and who attended Latton Bush School between 1966 and 1970 and was in my class. Sadly I can’t remember her father’s name or her surname. There was also a second man who ran the club all I can remember about him is that he was known as Copper. I’m not sure if he really was a policeman but he gave the impression that he was.

I have been contacted by the Chelmsford Police regarding alleged child abuse by those who ran the Eagle Boy’s Club, so If anyone was a member especially if they have any information regarding The Eagle boys club please contact Chelmsford Police

Many of my childhood friends went to this club and I would be pleased to hear from them:

Robert Arrowsmith
Steven Arrowsmith
Craig Mitchinson
Michael Taylor
Kenny and the rest of the Pearce brothers
All of the above lived in Little Brays Harlow Essex.

Since writing the above I have since found out the surname of Lorraine whose father ran the club.

I would also be pleased to hear from those who I knew at school
Jeanne Towns (I now have contact with)
John Wyatt (sadly deceased)
Terry Douglas (I now have contact with) Well I did but it seems he has gone loopy
Gregory Durrant
Stephen Warren
David Warren
Lorraine Sladden
Julian Pitkin
Clive Squirrel
Janet Patch (Waterhouse Moor)
Sandy Chalmers
Tracey Smith (I now have contact with)
Deborah Bartlett (I now have contact with)
Trudi Gordon

And anyone who was in Latton Bush form 4T in 1970 (Mr. Tipton’s class)


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