The Head Girl’s Punishment – Part 5 of The Headmaster’s Study

Featuring Dublin O’Brien as Mary Flanagan the Head Girl  and Steve Von Vickershausen as Mr. Barton the Headmaster.

One of the duties of the head girl is to take the headmaster his tea each morning and today is no different apart from… It has come to the headmaster’s attention that she has been selling spanking videos to the other girls. Mary of course denies it even though she is clutching a carrier bag full of them. Busted!

There can only be one outcome of her actions and that is severe punishment. The headmaster gives her the same punishment as the girls in the video, a hard bare bottom spanking, paddling, strapping and caning. Now she knows just how the girls in the video feel with red welted caned striped bruised buttocks that are very painful and sore.