Recently I came across some old unpublished readers’ letters that we received at Kane while looking for some old model release forms. Some of these I will publish on this site and some on the Kane site.

Dear Editor,

My name is Clive, and I’m writing to tell you about a secret fantasy I’ve been harboring for years. I fantasise about being spanked, strapped, and caned on my bare bottom by my sister-in-law, Elaine, while her teenage daughter, Anna, watches.

It all started when I was about 15 years old. I was at a family reunion and was sitting in the living room of my sister-in-law’s home. There was a large, ornate fireplace in the room, and I was captivated by the sight of the blazing fire. As I stared into the flames, I imagined my sister-in-law, Elaine, standing over me with a strap in her hand. In my fantasy, she was wearing a long, flowing dress and a stern expression. She was telling me that I had been naughty and needed to be punished.

I was completely taken aback by the intensity of these thoughts, in fact I had never had thoughts like this before, and I quickly dismissed them as silly fantasies. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I had these feelings, and so I pushed them away and tried to forget about them.

Years passed, and I eventually got married and had two daughters of my own. My wife and I were very close, and I loved being a father. But I still had these occasional flashes of my sister-in-law, Elaine, punishing me with a strap in the living room of her home.

Then, a few years ago, my wife died tragically in a car accident. I was devastated, but I was also able to start visiting my sister-in-law more often. She was a great comfort to me, and I soon found myself fantasising about her spanking me in the living room of her home more and more often.

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One day, as I was visiting Elaine, her teenage daughter, Anna, walked into the living room. I had never seen her before, and she was a beautiful young woman. As she entered the room, I felt a strange surge of excitement course through my body. I quickly dismissed the feeling, but it was too late: I had already started fantasising about Anna watching as her mother spanked, strapped, and caned me on my bare bottom.

It was at that moment that I realised the truth while her teenage daughter, Anna, watched.

At first, I was embarrassed and ashamed of my feelings. But as time passed, I started to accept them and even embrace them. I began to fantasise about this scenario more and more often. I even started to imagine what it would feel like to be in the position of being punished.

These days, I still dream about my sister-in-law, Elaine, punishing me with a strap in the living room of her home, while her daughter, Anna, watches. I know it’s a strange fantasy, but it’s one that I can’t seem to shake.

I guess I just wanted to share my story with someone and let them know that it’s okay to have fantasies that are a little out of the ordinary.



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