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The Cane Bet

Lexi Holland and Dani Synclair are called into the office of strict administrator Sky Terrapin. They were planning to take the SATs for other students, which is illegal around here. Instead of informing the authorities, Lexi and Dani suggest a caning instead. Sky agrees and has them strip nude for 18 strokes each, which they count out loud. And then another 18 strokes after that. 36 each in total. It turns out Lexi and Dani bet with other students that they could get Sky to cane them. Which they are both regretting now as they try to sit down.

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No Fighting

Stevie Rose and Dani Synclair have both been called into the office for fighting. Even though Dani started the fight, she believes that Stevie did because of a look she gave. Dani puts Stevie over her knee in the office and begins spanking her and even uses a large wooden paddle. Eventually Stevie agrees to say she started the fight.

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Slutty Submissive Punished Again

Cherry Winters has once more disobeyed Mistress by being a little slut and having fun with men! Mistress owns Cherry, especially her pussy, and she is the only one who should be sticking things inside that sweet honeypot. Cherry is also not wearing her collar which infuriates Mistress further. She has had enough of this behavior so it is time to teach her naughty submissive a lesson again! She begins by strapping Cherry’s nipples and milky white breasts until they are glowing pink.

Of course, other parts of this beautiful submissive’s body are also dealt with including her slutty pussy. Mistress strips her girl and then straps her tight, pert bottom until it becomes pink and sore. Cherry is then placed on the couch sitting with her legs spread wide as a leather crop swats her pussy and the strap is used over her inner thighs making Cherry wince in pain. Her punishment ends with a caning on the bare bottom as well as the front of her delicate thighs. Cherry has learned a valuable lesson in respect and being a proper submissive.

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With two naked women in his front room it was time for their punishment
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