Poor Expectations

Sarah has been falling behind at school and a home tutor has been employed to help her pass English Literature. Who better to teach this miscreant than Miss Iceni (making her debut appearance at AAA) charged with this near-hopeless task. This becomes apparent when Sarah laughs and sniggers immaturely at the mere mention of the author Charles Dickens… and his novel, Great Expectations. “You said Dick-ens!” exclaims Sarah. Miss Iceni understands that her time, like the intellect of the silly girl in front of her, is limited.

She decides to teach this naughty girl the meaning of discipline since she has such “Poor Expectations” and places her over the table with her bottom spanked by the strong hand of the tutor. Miss Iceni sees that further action is necessary informing Sarah to remove her jeans then continues to spank her across her tight panties. Eventually, even the panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is smacked harder, turning it a rather beautiful, shameful shade of red.

Miss Iceni always comes prepared and produces a leather strap to teach Sarah to better behave when she is in her after school tuition. Sarah yelps and cries out loud as her cheeks are whacked with the leather implement and reddened further by the mean hand of the irate tutor. In the end, Sarah can barely sit down and is aware that she will need to pay more attention in the future.

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