Mistress Samantha

Mistress Samantha Features in The Videos

Mistress Samantha’s Corrective Measures

Mistress Samantha punishes a variety of men in dire need of discipline. Mistress Samantha is a wonder to look at as she puts them through their paces with the cane and the strap.

Parts 1 & 2: The Office Manager
Politically incorrect office manager, Mr. Grundle, has been sent to visit Mistress Samantha by the female board of directors. In this day and age it is not acceptable for the manager of an office to grope his staff and threaten to line them up to have their bottoms smacked and caned. Mistress Samantha punishes him with an OTK bare bottom spanking, paddling and to complete his punishment a very severe bare bottom caning.

Parts 3 & 4 The Groom
A husband is sent to Mistress Samantha’s for severe punishment after being caught by his bride fucking her maid of honour. He has to take a punishment of a hard strapping and caning if he wants his wife to forgive him.

Parts 5 & 6 The Perverted Teacher
A friend of Mistress Samantha is a headmistress at a local school who has sent the maths teacher to her to be punished for spanking his female pupils on their bare bottom. He soon regrets his actions when given a very severe caning on his bare bottom.

Mistress Samantha’s New Correctional Establishment

Mistress Samantha tells us the story of how she acquired her liking for disciplining naughty boys as a school prefect. Her headmaster had broken his wrist and gave the task of administering a punishment spanking and caning to an embarrassed schoolboy, Jenkins. Realising how much she enjoyed administering corporal punishment she goes on to run a professional correctional establishment dedicated to the punishment and reeducation of wayward men

Parts 1 & 2 The Head Girl
The young head girl is given the job of punishing a wayward schoolboy by the headmaster who has broken his wrist. Although this is supposed to be over his trousers she takes it upon herself to make Jenkins remove his trousers and underpants so she can punish him on the bare.

Parts 3 & 4 The Cheating Husband
Caught cheating on his pregnant wife the only way he will be forgiven is if he submits to a hard paddling and caning on his bare bottom. Though the worst part of his punishment was knowing it was all being witnessed by Mistress Samantha’s gloating sissy maid.

Parts 5 & 6 The Thieving Sissy Maid
Mistress Samantha catches her sissy maid Betty rifling through her handbag looking for money to buy herself some shoes. The poor maid is spanked and paddled hard and in some very unusual places.

Parts 7 & 8 The Gymnasium
Mistress Samantha introduces her prisoners to the gym. To help with their motivation and fitness she makes plenty of use of the cane and puts four slaves and sissies through a rigorous workout in the gym assisted by the dressage whip and strap.