Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Originally Posted 21st October 2013

Mistress Eleise de Lacy

In a recent post I made comment about how rude and ignorant some women who consider themselves to be a Mistress are and how a true Mistress is quite the opposite.

I’m not talking about how a Mistress talks to her own slaves or submissives but how they respond to and treat others before knowing what type of person they are.

It’s none of my business how a Mistress talks to submissives and slaves; my point is how they should, and most do, treat others who may themselves be dominant or even vanilla.

I know many dominant females (Mistresses) personally and they will all confirm I do not have any submissive tendencies and as such I don’t expect to be spoken to like I have.

Recently on twitter I followed @MistressEleise – not because she is a Mistress but because I find her rather attractive and being a regular guy who likes the opposite sex I think this is reasonable. Just because I follow this exceptionally beautiful lady doesn’t mean I have any thoughts or desires to strike up any form of relationship with her because I certainly don’t.  She has made it quite clear that she doesn’t follow back because she only follows those she personally knows and that to me is quite reasonable. Not only that I am happily married and have a beautiful woman of my own who I adore.

The reason I’ve made comment about @MistressEleise is because her of her attitude towards others which is respectful. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that as a Mistress she isn’t strict and demanding as I have no doubt she is and will have no qualms about administering a good caning or whipping to the bare flesh of those who serve her.  If you are a lover of strict women and like to serve them and be punished and tormented by them take a look at her website MistressEleise.net – you won’t be disappointed. You can follow @MistressEleise on twitter here.


Since writing the above I have met the lady in question and without going into too much detail we have become good friends.