Ivan spanked strapped and caned the bare bottom of his naked wife Aura while I eagerly watched and photographed her punishment




When I was approached by Spaniard Ivan who wanted to bring his beautiful wife Aura to the Kane office I thought it was a wind up. How wrong I was, not only did he spank her he strapped, paddled and caned her cute bare bottom while I eagerly snapped away whilst enjoying the spectacle before me. The only downside was he didn’t offer to let me have a go.


Ivan and Aura had been married for five years, but their relationship had grown a bit stale. So, when Ivan suggested a trip to the Kane office, Aura was intrigued. Aura hadn’t heard of Kane before, but Ivan assured her it was a place where they could explore and rekindle the flame of their relationship.

Unbeknown to Aura the Kane office was home to Kane magazine which specialised in corporal punishment and discipline of women. When they arrived, Ivan and Aura Josie and I greeted them together and we explained that we were photographing the spanking session for their upcoming issue of Kane.

At first, Aura was nervous, but Ivan put her at ease. He explained to her that spanking was a way of expressing their love and intimacy, and that it could be a fun way to experiment and spice up their relationship especially as the spanking would be witnessed by us, as then strangers.

Aura agreed to let Ivan spank her bare bottom while Josie and I watched and documented the session by photographing every detail. Ivan was caring and loving even when spanking and caning Aura’s naked bottom hard, and we could see that the spanking brought them closer than ever before.

Afterwards, Aura and Ivan thanked us for allowing them to explore their relationship in such a unique way. When they left the Kane office we could see the newfound appreciation they had for each other, and knew they had an eagerness to explore all the possibilities their relationship had to offer.

These are free pictures from Kane Magazine, featuring a spanking scene performed by Aura and Ivan.

Mr. Barton strips her of her head girl status and administers a long hard spanking strapping and caning to her bare backside.