Amorette’s Hard belting

Ten Amorette makes her first appearance for Universal Spanking and puts on a classic performance that also leaves her ass cherry red! Ten goes on vacation with her husband and when they get to the border it is discovered that she doesn’t have her passport. Situations like this have happened before and now their travel plans are a bust. Her husband has had enough and he takes her over the knee for an old fashioned hand spanking the way that they used to do it in their relationship, even on their wedding night. Ten tries to talk her way out of the punishment, but it’s just not going to happen as she is strapped bare ass! She is then laid over the ottoman so she can feel the sting of a leather paddle and two additional straps. Ten also spends some time in the corner as well, because if she’s going to act childish, she’ll be treated like one as well.


Strapped To The Max

Tanned a jiggling red with the tawse
Ivy Raine is strapped to the max

‘I bruise so easily, I’m a real peach, Snow White if you will,’ begs Ivy Raine as Zoe Page flexes a long leather tawse in her hands. This is all about blackmail and revenge, and Zoe has the advantage in No Room at the Top. Lying flat on her own desk, Ivy presents her deliciously pale bottom to be tanned a jiggling red with a strap. It stings like a bitch…

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Punished For Porn

Masie Dee has been caught on the bed making a dirty film for a perverted film maker, she was using a vibrator in her young pussy and talking dirty. For this she has been spanked. But the punishment is not over. She is given a good scalding before being told to bend over the table. Her panties are removed, her legs spread to give a nice big target and then her bottom is strapped. A good hard leathering, the tears flow and she objects to this humiliation but the punishment continues.