Tag: Bare Bottom

The Party Whip

You will understand that there is a reason Pandora is called the Party Whip…

Newly-minted MP Lana Moon has a dilemma: ought she to vote with her conscience, or stick to the party line? She believes this to be her own decision to make – but Pandora Blake, the Party Whip, soon sets her straight on that front. Not that there’s anything ‘straight’ about the ensuing hijinks!

To retain her seat, Ms. Moon must take a solid flogging on her seat – and to tell the truth, she doesn’t seem at all unhappy about the prospect. Pandora delivers the requisite punishment with practiced style, beating Lana’s beautiful pert bare bottom bright red. She doesn’t go easy, either; this is one meeting neither of our pornographic politicians will forget in a hurry.

It doesn’t seem like Lana has really learned her lesson, mind you – in fact, we?re pretty sure she’ll be voting incorrectly again at the earliest possible opportunity.




Lazy Lily Slut Shamed & Spanked

Sarah has had it with her roomie, Lily, who she has allowed to stay at her home on reduced rent in exchange for picking up more chores such as the housework and other things she hates to do herself. What Sarah doesn’t expect to find is Lily using her own sex toy, leaving it uncleaned … as well as forgetting to clean the house in preparation for guests that Sarah had invited over. That’s all cancelled, thanks to Lily’s lazy attitude and only a spanking will do for this behavior as the sex toy incident really pissed her off! Lily takes the spanking, knowing that the prospect of being homeless is direr! Watch Sarah enjoy humiliating and taking control of Lily as she slut shames and spanks her helpless roommate, legs splayed and reminding her who is in charge! This is such a hot spanking scene, Lily’s bottom really turns a burning red and Sarah plays with her like a cat would a mouse! It’s intoxicating to watch this unfold!



The Inappropriate Intern

Cleo is the newest intern at Lake Industries and her behavior has been noted on a few occasions where her attitude and the way she dresses for work are far from appropriate. She is told to report to the CEO who spells out exactly how this type of poor behavior is not tolerated. He explains that an internship is sought after, and if she doesn’t respect the golden opportunity then there are plenty of other people willing to take her place. She is offered the chance to accept a punishment, which he tells her will involve a spanking and strapping… or she can leave. Cleo pre-empts him by assuming the position over the desk and so Johnny Lake proceeds with the hand spanking over her tight dress. As he pulls up her dress, he discovers that she is not wearing any underwear at all, he is shocked and this only makes him spank her harder! Cleo takes the mean spanking, feeling the burning hand of her boss, but she hasn’t felt the harsh Reformatory Strap yet… and this is far worse! She is expertly strapped on her bare bottom, scolded, and reminded of how an intern at his place of business should behave. She is sent home to compose herself, dress correctly… and return to finish her work for that day.