These are free spanking pictures from Cliff James Photography, featuring a spanking scene performed by Mistress Teresa May and Micky Finn.

Julie Newton had had a long and difficult day at the office. When she arrived home, she was looking forward to a nice evening with her husband who was currently unemployed. But when she walked through the door, she was met with quite the opposite, there was no dinner prepared, no warm welcome. Her lay good for nothing husband was still sitting on the couch, leering over a pornographic magazine, and she just knew he’d spent the day masturbating.

Julie was outraged, she had worked hard all day and had expected a bit of consideration from her husband. But instead she was met with disrespect, she’d had enough and decided to call on the services of a professional mistress.

The next day the mistress arrived. She already new what Julie wanted for her husband and sharply ordered him to take off his trousers and bend over the couch. Nervously he complied, and she spanked him until his bottom was bright red and he was sobbing. Then she took a thick leather belt from the case and began to belt his bared backside with the supple leather until he was crying like a baby. When Julie was finally satisfied her husband had leaned his lesson she took him to their bedroom and tucked him into bed adding to his humiliation.

The next morning, they sat down to a breakfast of bacon and eggs. Julie could tell her husband truly had learned his lesson, and things were back on track. From then on, Julie knew that her husband would always make sure to show her the respect and consideration she deserved or she would call the mistress and instruct her to punish him again and much harder than before, perhaps with a hard caning.

Not only is he going to be punished for bullying he will also receive extra for being so untidy and not wearing school uniform

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