Tag: Corporal Punishment

What Naughty Boys Get

Peter was staying with Miss Hardcastle for the school holidays. He got a temporary home, she got her chores done. Holidays or not, the level of discipline was undiminished. Tasked with washing the pots and sweeping the kitchen floor he preferred helping himself to a glass of pop and reading a magazine. Until she caught the idle boy and smacked his hands with the wooden spoon. When she realised the pots weren’t done she bent him over the sink for a dose of the hairbrush, then, unsurprisingly, down came his school shorts. She went to fetch implements then lowered his underpants and spanked him before laying into him with a heavy plimsoll which made him go “OW” with each swat then she tanned him with her leather paddle. The telephone saved his ass though she spanked him loudly for the benefit of the caller.


Sexual Slavery

Miss Zoe lures a man back to her apartment on the promise of sex, but he gets something a little different than what he bargained for. She explains how she likes things a little different and sets about moulding her new sex toy into shape. After some harsh spanking to literally warm him up, she explains how she only gets wet if he suffers for her. Before too long it’s necessary to tie him up, after which she then explains how his life will be from now on… permanently restrained, routinely milked and excessively used purely for her sexual pleasure.


Gimp Caning

This slave’s slack attitude gets him in serious trouble. Mistress Akella loses her temper and teaches him a painful and very real lesson on the spot. Extreme caning to the point where she actually breaks a cane in the process of beating him!