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Early Janus

A reader’s photo from Mr. Jardine in Janus 37


Yesterday I sold an original copy of Janus on my website vintagespankingmagazines.com and before I sent it to the buyer I couldn’t resist taking a nostalgic look through it especially the readers’ letters pages. I must admit that this wasn’t one of my favourite issues as the photo-story didn’t appeal to me at all. Don’t ask why. I didn’t buy a copy when it was originally published due to my then finances, basically I had a huge mortgage as was skint.  When I did get a copy of this issue it was some years later from a market stall in Harlow from a man who dealt in second hand books and magazines. Occasionally he had a few spanking and porn ones.

When I was younger I used to swap my Commando magazines there for Parade which back then was really soft porn. In those days that was enough for me especially as I’ve always been a bottom man and those weren’t censored. When I got home and looked through this magazine I was well cheesed of as the centre colour pages had been removed. Bastard! I felt cheated!

Looking through the copy second copy that I had acquired that was complete and which I had just sold I came upon a photo in the readers’ letters section.  Wow!  This picture I remember and I remember it very well. It was credited to Janus reader Mr. Jardine and it certainly rocked my boat. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this is my number one readers’ photo of all time. sadly there was no accompanying letter published with it so I can only imagine and fantasise about what was going on. Such a shame. If anyone knows the story behind the picture I would really love to know.

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Secretary gets a spanking video

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An Invitation I Couldn’t Refuse

26th October 2013


Today has become quite a good one as the gooners have managed to beat Crystal Palace 2-0 despite having a player sent off but the best thing of the day was an invitation by a lady called Jasmina to pay a visit to the London Submissive Girls and test drive or rather test spank some of the gorgeous girls on their bare bottom. Now you see why this is an invitation I couldn’t refuse. Would you? It’s been a while since I’ve had a little spanking fun so this I am looking forward to. Pictures will of course be posted here of my visit.

I’ve also had contact with a lovely lady called Heather who runs the London Fetish Fair and low and behold it seems we have quite a few mutual acquaintances. One of them being the gorgeous Lucy Bailey, who graced the pages of Janus on many occasions whose bare bottom I spanked some years back. Luck is now known as now Mistress Sidonia von Bork owner of the wicked Fem Dom website the English Mansion. Tis a small world indeed.

R I P Kane Magazine

Originally Posted 5th November 2013



Ms Harrison Marks confirmed the thought I had about kane-magazine.com website being closed. I find it sad that one of the UK’s best known spanking magazines and website has come to an end.

Those in the industry have known that producers of spanking material would eventually cease. Publishing magazines when they are scanned by thieving arseholes who post them on forum websites for all to download for free is theft. Having material from a pay-site saved and reposted is also theft and financially crippling. Janus magazine ceased publication a while back and now Kane has completely closed. There will be no more new material from either of these producers, no new shoots to look forward to with eager anticipation all because of those who think it’s fun to steal.


Those like Debseddy who are listed as a (hero) on a certain forum when in reality they are just a common thief stealing and posting what is not theirs. I wonder how this low life would feel if his home was burgled and is possessions distributed for free. Ah but that’s different isn’t it. Is it. Is it really different? No it is not. He’s giving away someone else’s material, material that they’ve paid a photographer to shoot, models to pose, writers of stories, printers to print and distributors to distribute and none of these come cheap. Still think stealing and reposting is acceptable? Sadly people like Debseddy probably do.

Vintage Spanking Magazines

I may vent on my blog about vermin like Debseddy but nothing will change as whoever they maybe are no different to those who won’t think twice about stealing your car or phone. They are pure scum. Though there may be light at the end of the tunnel as with a writ from a solicitor the forum will have to hand over your IP address and in turn your IPS provider will have to hand over your details such as name and address and then… Well that’s up to the magistrate to decide. I hope it was worth it.


The Kane website is now back and you can find it here