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Spanking Gallery 17

Free spanking pictures girls spanked caned bare bottom punishment

Big Juicy Booty

Gigi Makes A Spanking Deal Dria asks to borrow money from new girl Gigi Lea. Gigi will lend Dria her credit card but only if Dria agrees to take a spanking from her. Gigi has always admired that big juicy booty Dria has and has longed to give it a sound spanking over her knee….

Bathtime Spanking

Swindlers Spanked at Bathtime Adriana Evans and Luci Lovett are grifters, a couple of con-artists who have cheated their way across dozens of stores, restaurants, and hotels as they used cloned/stolen credit cards to pay for their extravagant trips across the country. This particular hotel had an executive suite late in the evening and the…

Bunking Off School

Caught bunking off school she is spanked and paddled by her sister on her bare bottom classic girl on girl spanking

No More Than She Deserves

That girl of mine had been causing trouble all week and I’d finally had enough. I sat down and told her to fetch the slipper. “You’re going over my knee for the spanking of your life, girl” I told her. Over she went and I put the slipper on her back because she knows if…

Hard spanking for Renya

Free spanking pictures of girls schoolgirls daughters wives spanked strapped belted and caned on the bare bottom caning belting

Girls I have Known and Spanked

Over the years I have spanked and caned the bare bottom of many girls though sadly not all is documented with photos. One lady I really did enjoy having over my knees with her bottom bared was Angie. Angie had a really cute bum and was quite gorgeous. I could have spanked her till the…

Peaches of an Exhibition

Peaches of an Exhibition A Spanking Party Review I wiped the conden­sation from the win­dow of the mini-cab that carried Josie and me through the dark rainy streets of north-west London, and gazed capriciously at the rush hour traffic with eager anticipation. Of course, I had spanked before in the cause of duty and for…

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