Tag: Public Spanking

Spanking The Nerd

Nerdy Sean can’t help but laugh when he hears the stupid comments of three beautiful girls at the art exhibition. He tries to educate them but only manages to upset them, angering them to the point that they pounce on him. The women want to show him they are NOT the weaker sex and strip him naked before giving him a hard spanking. They tease his tiny cock and tie his hand to the table with his own belt before taking turns to wank his dick. It gets bigger and he soon spunks all over himself much to their amusement!

Spanked and Wanked

When Sean spanked his girlfriend, little did he realize she would tell her friends and they would arrange some payback! Her best friend ties him up naked and parades him in front of four other girls. They bend him over a desk and one by one they spank him with their hands and a leather paddle. The girls find it hilarious when he gets an erection from the spanking so they jerk him off onto the floor before pushing him face down in his own cum!

Spanking Witnesses

kinky lovers Clair and Jasmine, stars of the adult website Bi-Spanking, make a crossover appearance at Women Spanking Men, where they watch with obvious glee as Miss Betty Blaze spanks and paddles a naked adult male.

Then under Betty’s guidance, the spanko girlfriends go from bemused observers to active participants. Arming themselves with leather paddles, Claire and Jasmine each take turns swatting the male spankee’s marked and swollen bottom, before Miss Blaze steps back in with a rather fearsome wooden paddle and delivers the final blistering strokes. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!